Harvard Police Chief leaving for new position

Chief of Police and Pastor Travis King

In a small town, one person can have a huge impact on the community.

In the town of Harvard one man has dedicated the last six years of his life to serving the town in any way he can.

Travis King serves Harvard as the city's chief of police, but he is also the pastor of the United Methodist Church in Harvard as well as two other Methodist churches in the area.

King is also involved with the People's Project and Teammates community programs.

He will soon be leaving all of his positions in Nebraska to start a new journey in Kansas.

He said his life of service came from his father and grandfather, who themselves were law enforcement officers.

King said:

Well I grew up in that capacity. My grandfather was a state trooper in Texas my dad was a deputy sheriff for a long time. I've grown up in that capacity you know knowing how to deal with people and help out with people and those sorts of things.

That inspiration from his father and grandfather led king to serve 9 years in the military before pursuing a career in law enforcement and the church.

Now King has been called to serve as the pastor of a church in Lyoto, Kan., and said he will focus on his work in the church full time. He said the transition is easy though, with both jobs requiring similar skills.

King said:

At times its difficult but you know being the police chief isnt much different from being the pastor. You know you still drive around, you meet with people, you find out how their doing. Basically the only difference is you have to deal with people who break the laws.

While he is sad to go, pastor King is confident the community of Harvard will be able to smoothly transition to a new police chief, and that it should be business as usual even after he is gone.

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