Harvest of Harmony parade a rewarding experience for band members

Harvest of Harmony Parade brings close to 100 bands to Railside(NTV).

Saturday marked the 76th Harvest of Harmony Parade and it brought out thousands to downtown Grand Island.

The battle of the bands - with close to 100 different schools - the celebration gave everyone something to talk about.

"I just loved listening to all the music and watching all the bands. They love the candy," Brittany Houselog, who brings her kids every year, said.

"When I was little it was the candy and now it's all the bands and stuff coming together," Gaby King, a Northwest High School cheerleader, said.

Whether you were there for the candy or the music, a couple of things remain true.

"Everybody enjoys it– I mean, it's tradition. We do it every year," Houselog said.

"We're all from Nebraska and come together as one," King said.

The main attraction were the bands of course. Twenty-six of the bands competed in the field competition at Grand Island Senior High stadium.

For Crofton High, they were led by Quin Shieffer.

Schieffer, a freshman, has the job of keeping everyone on beat and conducting the team of only 20 members. At times, people having to change roles and play different instruments.

"Practice can be tiring and travel can be tiring," she said.

They’ve been getting ready for this day for a while.

"The entire performance we've been preparing for months now, but all and all it's very rewarding when we do well," Shieffer said.

This is only Crofton’s second year at Harvest of Harmony, but with the celebration having 76 years under its belt, the name carries well.

"It's cool to partake in something like that that's been going on for so long and then here we get to come and participate–being such a small band and getting to do things like this," Shieffer said.

She said she hopes people see that small teams can create an even bigger sound.

Heartland Community Schools marching band was the overall winner of this year’s Harvest of Harmony competition.

Top 10 Overall Bands:

  • Heartland Community Schools – 97.2
  • Grand Island Senior High – 93
  • Kearney High School – 90.6
  • Aurora High School – 90.1
  • Crete High School – 90
  • North Platte High School – 89.5
  • Alma High School – 88.8
  • Ogallala High School – 86.5
  • Seward High School – 86.4
  • Crofton High School – 86.1

For a complete list of winners, click here.

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