Hastings' animal rescue shelter sees another influx of animals


    An already at capacity animal rescue shelter continues its efforts to give hope to the helpless, making room for yet another influx of animals in its seven years of operation.

    Chihuahua/rat terrier dogs are just some of the 42 animals, including five cats, who have very recently been brought into Hastings' Start Over Rover from a household who officials say couldn't take care of them properly anymore.

    In the same week, a badly injured pit bull from an *intentional* neglect situation was also brought in.

    Along with the many other dogs and cats that are already at the facility, the staff turns to social media for two things: to get help and to bring awareness to the public.

    "We absolutely, we ask for help. When we get an influx like this our supplies are depleted pretty quickly. It's not something we plan on. Bringing in 42 animals at one time is a big difference you know, so we do we ask for help," said Anne Halbert, a volunteer and co-founder of Start Over Rover. It's about educating, letting people know what's going on in our area, what we have going on as a rescue and since we do work solely on donations it also lets people know what's happening so they don't always have to wonder what we do with donations. You can definitely see it, it's very transparent," she said.

    Halbert adds that public knowledge of cases like abuse or neglect of animals helps urge the public to 'See something, Say something,' even if in doubt.

    "It falls under the same category because these animals can't speak, you know, when you look at helping with people who talk about elderly or children or things like that, these animals depend on us for their well- being in their lives and you think you see something it's still better to error on the side of caution," Halbert said.

    Eight of the dogs are already spoken for by other rescues helping out Start Over Rover.

    The others will eventually be up for adoption.

    Halbert says a one thousand dollar reward is also being offered for information leading to arrest or prosecution of those involved in the intentional abuse of Phoenix, the badly injured pit bull.

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