Hastings Applebee's officially closing, employees offered jobs at other locations

Hastings Applebee's officially closing, employees offered jobs at other locations (NTV News)

Applebee’s announced the closing of their Hastings location on Sunday, after RMH Franchise, the owner of 163 locations, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Many viewers took to Facebook with words of anguish as many said they will be pushed out of town for a meal spot.

This is the third national chain that has closed in the city of Hastings in three years, leaving many to wonder where they will now go for a family style restaurant.

Hastings Mayor Corey Stutte heard of the closing on Sunday, calling it an unfortunate situation.

"You know if you look at those three instances, all of them have issues with bankruptcy or declining sales so those are things that we can't necessarily help. We're always out there trying to recruit new businesses to come in, whether it's retail or restaurants,” said Stutte.

Mayor Stutte said he believes the void of Applebee’s will eventually be filled, possibly by new restaurants in the cities North Park Commons.

"While we might be losing Applebee’s, I think that we'll find something to replace that location as well as some other things happening in the North Park Commons, as well as in south Hastings,” said Stutte.

Applebee’s corporate offices reached out with a statement saying, "We have offered employment to all team members at our other locations in the area."

Those other locations mentioned are Grand Island and Kearney, who both told NTV News on Sunday that they plan on remaining open.

As the Hastings location plans to close its doors on Thursday, Mayor Stutte said he thinks first of the employees.

"If these people find themselves unemployed, we have a lot of resources in town to help them. The Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce, Hastings Economic Development Corporation, and the YWCA of Adams County have helped in the past,” said Stutte.

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