Police: Hastings Police officer arrested for domestic assault

Cody Bland (Department of Corrections).jpeg

Cody Bland, a police officer for four years, was arrested Monday night on a 3rd degree assault charge.

Hastings Police Department Sergeant Brian Hessler said officers responded after a report of a domestic assault at 7:43 p.m.

There, Hessler said they arrested Hastings officer Bland, 26.

"And during the course of the investigation we made an arrest, Cody Bland one of our employees, police officer, and we arrested him for 3rd degree assault domestic,” said Hastings Police Chief Pete Kortum.

Due to Bland working in law enforcement in Adams County, he's being held in Buffalo County.

Kortum said just because he was a sergeant within the department, the investigation will not change.

"It would feel different for officers because of knowing the individual and having worked with someone that would make it different, but as far as meeting the statutes, what the law requires and how we act on it and what we do afterwards it's no different,” Kortum said.

Two things will happen: a criminal investigation and the determination by the special prosecutor.

The Hastings Police Department will also do an internal investigation treated as a personnel matter.

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