Hastings City Council votes yes on new wages, new apartments

Hastings votes yes on new wages and new apartments (NTV News)

On Monday night, Hastings City Council voted to approve higher pay for safety officials and new apartment developments downtown. These issues included two renegotiations of public safety worker contracts and funding for an apartment building project.

The first issue voted on was the Block 27 Loft apartments. The plan states they would be located right off 1st Street and will include six new apartment units and a seventh for living or working purposes. Now, $80,000 from the Community Redevelopment Authority will go into beautifying the older building. The entire project will cost around $900,000. The approval of the beautification of the building is not the last stop for downtown Hastings.

"Well I think that what we're going to find is a continuing improvement of our downtown area. If you go through downtown, 2nd Street looks absolutely wonderful. If you go down first, it's continuing to improve so I think that we're really looking to continue to move forward with our Downtown Revitalization Plan which we did about four years ago," said Mayor Stutte.

Next on the agenda was the fire union and police union contracts. Both contracts were approved for greater pay. According to their agreements, fire union starting pay will now be $13.93 with top pay at $19.59 and the police union will now bring home between $20.24 and $28.19. Both unions were thanked by the mayor for their work and time. Mayor Stutte mentioned these pay wages are competing with other local departments.

With the approval of the new Block 27 Apartments, changes are expected to begin after Jan. 1.

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