Hastings downtown tour previews up and coming businesses

Hastings downtown tour previews up and coming businesses

Hastings Young Professionals hosted the 3rd annual downtown tour to kick off Hastings week. This year they are taking you behind the scenes of some local businesses and residential areas.

"What's not to enjoy about that - to find things you're not going to see on Facebook," said one community member Jacob Graff, who is new to town.

Even without much population growth in the last several years, downtown Hastings has been growing.

Director of Business Improvement Districts and Community Redevelopment Authority Randy Chick said this event is meant to show people who are new to Hastings what is new around town.

The new addition of seeing what one wouldn't normally see is a way to get a glimpse of the process -- bringing in businesses.

"We've had a lot of redevelopment in the past six to seven years, both housing and commercial, and trying to get people introduced to that," said Chick.

On the tour, people get to see some of the behind the scenes of Block 27 of phase 2 and 3, and the plans unrolling.

Several buildings with proposals were toured, and a new brewery where quality kombucha and beer are served.

"We are looking for investors, business owners, residents, tenants, to explore the downtown and see the different options they might have," said Chick.

New and old community members came out for the event.

"I'm new to the Tri-cities," Graff said. "It's a great networking event. It's nice to get to know the people and the area. I went to Hastings College and the area has changed since I've been here so it's something really neat to explore."

Donna Meyer is a long time resident of Hastings. As she sips on her family member's canned cider, she said she has enjoyed coming to several of the tours and thinking of ways for new businesses to come in.

"I was curious about what's going on downtown. I've seen some upper level living. As long as downtown area is progressive, we might have businesses we can bring in," she said.

Upcoming events for Hastings weeks include Party on the Patio at the Odyssey on Thursday, Sept. 27, and Movie in the Park on Friday, Sept. 28.

More information on Hastings Week and Hastings Young Professionals can be found here.

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