Heartland United Way and Dinsdale Automotive give away brand-new car

Deving Peterson talking with NTV about his brand new car that he won at 12 Keys Celebration (NTV).

The holidays are a time for giving and after 12 Grand Islanders gave a small donation to the Heartland United Way, one of them was rewarded in a big way at the 12 Keys of Christmas Celebration.

After donating at least $270, Devin Peterson from Hornady Manufacturing was the lucky winner of a brand-new 2017 Chevy Cruise.

"At the Heartland United Way, we fight for the health, education, financial stability for every person in every community in Hall, Hamilton, Howard, and Merrick County," Karen Rathke said.

On Thursday, they did something special to thank those who donated.

"Tonight is an opportunity for people that have donated to the United Way campaign to have chance to win a gorgeous new car," Tom Gdowski, Campaign Chair at Heartland United Way.

After getting their names drawn and announced on the radio to get a chance to win a new car, 12 individuals waited nervously.

Peterson had the lucky number that gave him a shiny new car, donated by Tom and Kim Dinsdale.

"It's just overwhelming– I don't really know how to explain it," Peterson said.

He wants to encourage others to give back, too.

"I just think if you do have a little to give, especially with it being Christmas and stuff like that, a little bit goes a long way,” Peterson said. “If you're able to do what we do, you can be rewarded. Even if it's not a car it can just be a piece of mind saying, 'hey, I'm helping my community out,'" he said.

The president of the Heartland United Way said money donated to the united way supports them and the 21 community partners they have.

Aiding groups like Boys Scouts, Teammates, and the YMCA.

“A lot of program people are familiar with and they are apart of our overall umbrella in terms of financial support," Gdowski said.

Between Go Big Give and their almost 7-month campaign, they've been able to raise over $2 million.

"You know, $2 million is just a huge number and I get that it's a number, but the ability to impact so many people's lives is what is so powerful and we're so grateful," Rathke said

As for what Peterson is going to be doing with his new car, "We'll talk with the wife and see what she says," he said.

All of this money will go into next year's activities.

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