Heavy rains damage home in Overton

Heavy rains damage home in Overton (NTV News)

Confusion and frustration are the emotions being felt by a family just north of Overton after 7 inches of rain in 2 hours destroyed their home and almost all of the property inside.

On top of the devastation, their insurance is telling them they wont help them cover it.

Kent young woke up to a worst case scenario in his home early Friday morning, feet of water in every room of the house.

Siding, insulation, flooring were all ruined as water levels continued to rise.

The young's have been in the home for many years and had never seen rain accumulate like this in the past.

It's destroyed the whole house, and every single room had two foot of water in it. And it destroyed all of the appliances, furniture, everything. We have pretty much lost almost everything," said one of the homeowners Cathy Young.

Any natural disaster can be difficult to overcome, with clean up and recovery efforts taking weeks and months sometimes, but for the young's things just kept getting worse as they were told by their insurance company that they would not be able to help cover the cost of the damage.

The lack of help from insurance has been frustrating for the young's, but neighbors and friends have reached out to help the family.

Family helped Kent and Cathy clean up the damage from their home while others have started a Go Fund Me page to help raise money for repairs.

We reached out to the Young's insurance company but they were unfortunately out of the office. We will continue to follow up with the company to learn the details of why the young's were denied coverage.

If you would like to donate to the Young's GoFundMe you can find the information here.

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