High winds impact travelers on I-80

high winds.JPG

Throughout the day Monday, much of the state was under a high wind warning.

Despite this, many were still traveling through Nebraska on Interstate 80.

A driver of a semi shared what it's like to be driving a big rig in the wind.

“The nerve-racking part was changing lanes and getting next to someone, because when you back out and get next to someone, you don't know where you are going," said Ricky Mincks who was traveling to Des Moines.

Another driver traveling from Denver to Sioux City also shared what it was like driving in the gusty wind.

"So as I was driving you can definitely notice it behind you looking at the fuel economy, that it would absolutely sky rocket. As soon as you turned into a corner the wind would be on your side, you would just be whipped to the side of the road. You had to grip tight to the stirring wheel. Normally it’s off to the side so you're not straight away with your hands but this is definitely a different game running with wind at this speed," said Josh Fast.

For those traveling in gusty winds, be sure to use safety precautions at all times.

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