Nebraska highways see increase in speed limits

    Highways see increase in speed limits (NTV News)

    The Nebraska Department of Transportation started implementing changes from LB1009 Thursday, a bill that increases speeds on many Nebraska highways.

    Several area highways are being affected by the changes.

    Highway 10, Highway 30, and portions of Highway 281 all had their speed limits increased by 5 mph.

    While this means drivers can go a little faster than before, law enforcement officials now have to keep up with a new pace of traffic.

    "Anytime that you increase speeds there is always concern. I do accident reconstruction also and I have dealt with a lot of fatality crashes and large scale crashes and anytime you increase the speed you are increasing the forces involved as well so it's always a concern," said Chief Deputy of the Hall County Sheriff's Department Quinn Webb.

    While risk of death and injury are increased the faster traffic moves, Chief Deputy Webb feels Hall County is prepared to adjust to the new speed limits, having already done it once before.

    "We have had experience with this once before here a couple years ago highway 2 was increased to 65 mph between Cairo and Grand Island. We noticed with that we actually we had a little bit less speeders. Its like when they adjusted there weren't people that were comfortable going that fast so we still had people who wanted to go under that," said Webb.

    Webb is confident drivers in Hall County will adjust quickly to the new speed limits, but wants to remind drivers just because they increased the limit does not make it OK to ignore the posted speed limits.

    "The main concern with the increased speed limit you are gonna be able to go 65 now. That is the limit, that means you need to go 65, that doesn't mean oh its 65 out there so now you can go 70, no, you need to go 65," said Webb.

    Chief Deputy Webb and the Department of Transportation want to remind drivers that some speed limit changes will happen over the next few weeks, and until those changes happen the posted speed limit remains the legal traveling speed.

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