Hollywood actor bringing 'Revival' showing to Kearney


From solving crimes on "The Blacklist" to saving souls through the message of Christ.

NTV News caught up with the Hollywood actor who is bringing his new movie to Kearney for a special showing.

The gospel according to John - It's a familiar story and one that many filmmakers have tackled. So how do you tell the story differently?

Actor Harry Lennix says he's found a way.

And he's bringing his vision to Kearney with a special screening of his movie "Revival."

"We call it Jesus Christ superstar meets The Wiz," Lennix said.

Lennex currently stars on one of TV's biggest shows - The Blacklist- which was created by Kearney's own Jon Bokenkamp, who also serves as the show's executive producer.

Friday night, both Bokenkamp and Lennix will be on hand for a showing of "Revival" followed by a Q-and A.

Tickets are available online at or at the box office.

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