Prepare for winter weather as temperatures drop

Preparing for winter weather as temperatures drop (NTV News)

Icy roads and frozen windshields are common during the winter season, but what can you do to prepare for it?

Whether it's maintenance on your car or keeping an eye out for blizzards, staying prepared can save you time and money. Temperatures have dropped and many have already broken out that ice scrapper and left their cars running a few extra minutes before work. What can we do to monitor our own winter weather? Mike Moritz, from the National Weather Service in Hastings, said a key to staying prepared is understanding and knowing the forecast.

“The winter forecast, we try to do as good of a job as we can, it changes, it evolves, all of those things are always updated so stay on top of the forecast,” said Moritz.

If the weather changes near your town, The National Weather Service encourages people to send in their own weather alerts.

"I have a phrase that I say, the weather service doesn't always know the weather, so it's important that people send in their snow amounts, whether they're getting ice accumulation, how it's impacting their lives, if travel is difficult, we can help get the message out to others to be aware of that,” said Moritz.

For the amount of snow Nebraska may receive this year, Moritz expects it to stay a bit mild.

"We'll receive snow, we'll probably receive a little bit more snow than last year but we're not expected an overly snowy [winter], we expect it to be somewhat below normal in southern Nebraska and northern Kansas. Temperature wise, a lot of ups and downs,” said Moritz.

As for keeping you prepared on the road during the winter, Nate Stephens with Garret Tires and Treads said to get check your tire pressure. He says every time the temperature drops 10 degrees, your tires lose one pound of air. This loss can take away traction from the wheels and control from the driver. Stephens also mentioned keeping up on oil changes.

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