Hundreds compete in 23rd-annual Kearney Community Olympics

Hundreds compete in 23rd-annual Kearney Community Olympics (NTV News)

It was a competitive atmosphere during the Kearney Community Olympics with games like disc golf, bowling and even kickball.

People came out to celebrate the 23rd year for the event on Saturday, which was originally inspired by the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.

The games are still a hit with people coming back year after year.

This year, 756 people representing 30 teams participated.

The Kearney Parks and Recreation director said they even add new events each year to get people excited.

"I think it does a lot of different things," said Scott Hayden, KPR director. "One, it gives adults the chance to play like kids again which is fun for them and meet a lot of new people. I think it exposes them to a lot of new facilities that they may not of even knew existed whether it's bike trails or disc golf courses or swimming pools. Just a bunch of places they probably haven't been to in a while and a chance to compete a little bit too."

If you're interested in participating next summer, you can keep a look out on the Kearney Community Olympics Facebook page.

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