ISIS propaganda found off I-80 in Elm Creek

ISIS propaganda found off I-80 in Elm Creek (NTV News)

Suspected ISIS propaganda found here in Central Nebraska not far from Elm Creek's city center.

Somewhere along an East bound off-ramp on I-80 and Hwy 183, a computer disc was found along with literature appearing to be ISIS propaganda.

"There's a lot of vehicle traffic in that location," said Captain Bob Anderson with Buffalo County Sheriff's Office.

The disc was found by a man Thursday afternoon sometime between 3 p.m. and 4:18 p.m.

"A citizen had located what appeared to be a computer CD and a single piece of paper that had some information which looked like it had been from a printed website off the internet, something like that, that made some references to ISIS," said Anderson.

He said the citizen called because he thought it was suspicious.

"We don't know what's on the disc, we don't want to speculate or cause any concerns. It could be completely blank or it could have completely explainable information on it. It's just the fact that it was found with the piece of paper that had some references to ISIS which was concerning to the citizen," said Anderson.

Buffalo County Sheriff's Office says citizens have nothing to worry about.

"We ask them to take normal precautions. We've always been so extremely proud of our citizens in this area. They have a Midwestern sensibility and always have that we have come to appreciate and that's why we have the great quality of life we have," said Anderson.

According to the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office, the disc was logged into evidence and forwarded to the FBI.

We contacted the FBI which declined to comment at this time but representatives said they will when they have more information in the future.

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