JBS Swift fined $50,000 for inaccurate recording of weights, grades and prices

    (NTV News)

    JBS USA Food Company, also known as Swift Beef Company (JBS Swift) is facing fines for allegedly violating the Packers and Stockyards Act.

    The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) reached a consent decision with JBS Swift on Nov. 21.

    The consent decision was signed by Acting Chief Administrative Law Judge, Channing D. Strother.

    An investigation was conducted by AMS that found JBS Swift failed to maintain the identity of beef carcasses purchased on a hot weight basis to ensure accurate payment to livestock sellers at its Grand Island facility.

    Through Dec. 14, 2017 to March 31, 2018 AMS said the violations occurred, including failure to record accurately the weights, grades and prices of carcasses on accounting issued to sellers.

    JBS Swift was notified of the violations and immediately took corrective action by making adjustments to its carcass tracking procedures and computer software, according to AMS.

    Under the consent decision, JBS Swift agreed to remit amounts owed to livestock sellers resulting from the inaccurate recording of weights, grades and prices of carcasses. JBS Swift was ordered to pay $50,000 civil penalty, and to cease and desist from:

    • Failing to properly maintain the identity of each seller's livestock and the carcasses therefrom
    • Failing, after determination of the amount of the purchase price, to transmit or deliver to the seller or his duly authorized agent a true written account of such purchase showing the number, weight and price of the carcasses of each grade (identifying the grade) and of the ungraded carcasses, an explanation of any condemnations and any other information affecting final accounting
    • Failing to maintain sufficient records to substantiate the settlement of each transaction

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