Jersey Boys management offers complimentary ticket to Lincoln shows

Jersey Boys offers ticket transfer to Lincoln shows (NTV News)

After an unexpected cancellation of the Jersey Boys musical in Kearney that left hundreds chanting to get in, the tour company is offering complimentary tickets to upcoming performances in Lincoln this weekend.

If you had tickets to the Kearney show that was canceled, information for getting your ticket to a Lincoln show can be found on the Lied Center for Performing Arts Facebook Page or call 402-472-4747.

The owner of the Viaero Center, Kirk Brooks, released a statement and timeline of events leading up to the performance that was canceled on Wednesday.

Brooks said the third-party production team was missing key people and it would create a safety risk to the cast and production team.

NTV News spoke with the Jeremy Wann, vice president of Superior Sound and Services, who said they work many events with the Viaero Center and have never had an issue, but because it was during the week - many of their normal staff are in school or have full time jobs.

"The big thing is middle of the week shows," Wann said. "We're going to do our best to schedule things closer to weekends where we have a better chance of getting staff members and really look at those requirements prior to booking the show."

Refunds are also available for ticket holders of last night's concert. If customers paid in cash, they can get a refund at the box office.

Fans said they waited in line for more than 30 minutes without being let into the building before finding out the show was canceled, and they weren't given an explanation.

NTV News spoke with Scott Allegrini with the Viaero Center who said the third-party company who was handling lights and sound didn't have enough production staff members to put on the show.

Allegrini said they realized they didn't meet the technical requirements of the show at around 6:35 p.m., and staff members began telling fans that the show was canceled.

"We do understand that people are disappointed and they were looking forward to the show and this is not something that we could have foreseen and been ahead of in any way, it's not reflective of the performances that we put on. We fully expect to not be faced with this challenge again," Allegrini said.

He said about 1,100 tickets were sold, and fans will get a 100-percent refund for their tickets, including any fees.

Fans said they drove from as far as Ord and Council Bluffs, Iowa to come to the show.

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