Judge hears testimony against schools superintendent

Gavel (MGN)

A judge is considering a verdict after the trial of a western Nebraska school superintendent accused of assaulting a student.

On Wednesday Judge Randin Roland heard testimony regarding the misdemeanor assault charge against Garden County Schools Superintendent Paula Sissel.

A prosecutor said Wednesday that Sissel had put her hands on the 8-year-old girl. A video of the Nov. 13 incident shows Sissel pulling the girl down a hallway before the girl's placed in what was referred to as a "chill out room." It's alleged the girl suffered a rug burn on a shoulder.

Sissel acknowledged pulling the girl, in part to protect a physical therapist who was trying to deal with the girl's outburst. The girl's mother says the girl is possibly autistic and functions at the level of a 3- or 4-year-old child.

A ruling is expected within two weeks.

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