KDWTS reveals dancers, instructors, philanthropy

KDWTS reveals dancers, instructors, philanthropy (NTV News)

Folks will get out on stage in front of hundreds of Kearney community members to raise money for a special cause in the Kearney Dancing With The Stars 3.

On Thursday, the KDWTS committee revealed the names of all 12 dancers, instructors, judges and mayor sponsors.

Folks are excited for the competition coming up in March and competition it will be- not just between dancers, but amongst the entire program.

KDWTS is a fundraising event and organizers say each year they hope to raise more money than the last.

"There were six different causes that we raised about $30,000 for the first year. Last year, we raised over $50,000 and we gave it to the vets memorial that's going to be built out there at the new vets home. So every year so far we've been raising more money and the more money we raise, the more money we give away,” said Steering Committee member Jeff Warren.

This year’s cause is suicide prevention and education.

KDWTS will benefit Rae of Hope, Hope and Healing and Central Nebraska LOSS.

"It’s a temporary solution to a permanent problem. You know, I’ve heard that suicide doesn't kill people, it's the pain and what we want to show people is how to help get through that pain,” said Dawn Rotary President, Joe Zezulak.

KDWTS will be on March 23rd and if you are eager to buy tickets, they will tentatively be sold in December but Jeff Warren said you can always check in with the Kearney Rotary Club for details.

The full list of dancers and volunteers are listed below:


Platte Valley Auto

Younes Hospitality

Downey Drilling

Vertical Focus Reality

Great Western Bank

Nebraskaland Bank

Dance Instructors:

Dillon Nelson

Jessica Dubas

Noelle Bohaty

Celebrity Judges:

Mark Sutko & Marsha Wilkerson

Joe & Pam Methe

Mike & Diance Sciachitano


Wendy Kreis & Alex Straatmann

Renae Zimmer & Alex Schwarz

Elizabeth Roetman & Brian Cochran

Leslie Martin & Mark Stute

Cheryl Webber & Drake Beranek

Nita Unruh & Marc Bauer

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