Kearney auctioneer gears up for Friday's Herberger's auction

Kearney auctioneer gears up for Friday's Herberger's auction. (NTV News)

A local auctioneer gears up for a unique selling opportunity, as the Kearney community eagerly awaits what could potentially go into the old Herberger's store.

From shoe stretchers to display tables, clothes racks to nearly 20,000 hangers, Adam Marshall Auctioneers and Land Brokers look to sell it all on Friday to finally clear out the old store.

Lead auctioneer Adam Marshall says liquidators usually get rid of everything right after stores close, but that's not the case for Kearney.

"Other stores around, other Herberger's, sounded like they were mostly liquidated, so I was kinda surprised that this one had this many items left," said owner and lead auctioneer Adam Marshall. "And so we've had people who's bought stuff at the other stores when the other Herberger's closed and have expressed interest in coming to this sale."

Marshall adds they were hired by Perkins Properties out of Omaha to do the auction, which will start Friday morning at 9:30. Only the East doors will be utilized, and will be open at 8:00 AM.

REPORTER'S NOTES: More information about the Herberger's auction can be found at

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