Kearney Catholic band practices for Harvest of Harmony like a family

Kearney Catholic band prepares for Harvest of Harmony like a family (NTV News).

Harvest of Harmony will kick off Saturday morning and Kearney Catholic's marching band has been working hard for the big day.

Side to side and front to back, 74 students from Kearney Catholic march together in unison.

Kearney Catholic is one school playing in Harvest of Harmony and they've been involved for over 45 years.

"We've definitely put in the work to get here and we've been working hard every week and doing our best," said eighth-grade band member Jacob Masker.

The band director says being together is like being with your family.

"I think that's where we talk about music not just being the black and white notes on the page but it's something so much deeper than that. These kids just do amazing things because they have that bond and they're able to work together great," said the band director for Kearney Catholic Linsday Lund.

One student said the band has given her a place to belong.

"Whenever you walk in the door of the band room, you just know everybody knows who you are, you know everybody else, you know what's going on in their life and you truly care about each other," said Senior band member Marlaena Sucha.

Together, they play in perfect harmony.

"The connection that we have between the older classmen and the younger classmen, we just mix perfectly," said Freshman band member Blair Kampovitz.

The students may be practicing like everyone else but they say they're doing something a little different, praying.

"Not only are we just a bunch of kids in band but it just really makes our group a lot closer. I mean we have each other and we have God. It just all ties in really well together," said Senior band member Laila Saadi.

Even with a large group, the students say it gets difficult at times.

"Different skills levels, you have to be patient with each other and truly be open to everybody," said Sophomore band member Vinnie Martin.

Overall, Mrs. Lund says being all-together is the best part.

"They're involved, they're excited and they're ready to put a great show on for everybody. I think just seeing the other bands there and giving the kids the opportunity to see them is really, really good," said Lund.

The band has been practicing since July and the students say with family by their side, they can bring home the trophy.

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