Kearney cemetery revamps war veteran headstones

Kearney Cemetery Veteran Headstones (NTV NEWS)

It might take three years, but after that the Kearney Cemetery will have new and improved veteran headstones. A project started in 2011 is aiming to revamp the war-time headstones. With nearly 300 headstones reset in the past few years, the veterans section is getting their turn.

With time, some of the headstones have sunk into the ground, tilted to the side or cracked. Now, they'll be cleaned up and re-positioned in a sturdier setup. Since the summer, a group has replaced over 30 headstones. A facility worker says it's been a rewarding task.

"When you get done with it and you look down the line and they're all in line and almost perfect it gives you a sense of accomplishment," said Brent Andersen.

Cemetery Supervisor Steve Baye has been with the project since the beginning. He says through all the hard work they've put in, they receive as much appreciation.

"I think it's been a really positive response, a lot of people, we've actually had families come back said 'Oh you've reset the marker, we had no idea where they're at,' but they've actually made a donation to the fund then to help set somebody else's monument," said Baye.

Steve says this is a project they work on in their spare time and he believes it's a great way to give back to the community.

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