Kearney City Council makes moves for future businesses

    Kearney City Council makes moves for future businesses (NTV News)

    The city of Kearney could see expansion in the future.

    At the city council meeting on Tuesday, they discussed the new development.

    Just behind the Hampton Inn off Talmadge Street in Kearney is a patch of land that is now one step closer to growing.

    It's a busy area, nestled in a growing business district.

    On Tuesday, the Kearney City Council approved two amendments that would make it possible for future expansion in that exact area.

    "Which will open up some new areas for development along third street and southwest Kearney, so we're excited. This is another step in that area. People are familiar with the convention centers in that area and this will be additions to those,” said Mike Morgan, the city manager.

    Morgan said Tax Increment Financing will now be available in that area for any business that might be built in the future.

    Morgan tells NTV News just what kind of businesses we could possibly see.

    "I think the developers looking to extend the hotel and convention space and build upon what's already developed in that area. This would be north of the Cunningham’s that you're referring to, so the area is prepared and there will be infrastructure included in this development to allow for additional growth even further to the west,” said Morgan.

    Morgan said now with this approval, there are still many steps to take before plans for a new business are proposed.

    He said it could take another month and a half before any project is voted on to move forward.

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