Kearney high school students get a chance to taste military food

Kearney high school students get a chance to taste military food

On Friday, students at Kearney High School got the chance to taste Meals Ready To Eat (MRE’s) which is what those in the military have to sometimes rely on for food.

"This is the basic meal that the military uses when we go into the field for training. When we don't have access for a facility to cook a meal or stuff like that," said Staff SGT. Denier Rivera of the Nebraska National Guard.

These meals having a lengthy shelf life of about three years, something Rivera says is good for combat environments.

"Very important because especially if you go into combat like Iraq and Afghanistan you want to be able to have all these supplies on hand to try and consume on the spot," Rivera said.

From chicken to crackers, students getting to try a wide variety of these meals.

After this experience, many students say they're truly grateful for what all of our service members do.

"Just seeing what they have to go through and what they have to deal with makes us appreciate them more”, said Isabella Hamacker, a junior at Kearney High School.

If you're curious and want to try a MRE, you can either order it online or pick one up at your local Cabela's.

Rivera said they are available for those with dietary needs, such as vegetarian or kosher.

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