Kearney library gives those with late fees a second chance

Kearney Public Library gives late fees a second chance (NTV News)

Have you ever checked a book out from the library and forgotten to take it back? Did you rack up a fine you weren't planning on paying? Turns out, you're not the only one.

The Kearney Public Library is cutting those who may have fines some slack. Starting Monday, you can pay off your library fine with something more valuable than money– food. For every can of food you donate, you get one dollar off your fine.

This annual food drive supports the local food bank and has given many with late fees a second chance. "Usually we fill this table and it's mounded up so we get a really healthy response, which is exciting," said Assistant Library Director Christine Walsh. "People look forward to it because it's an easy way to take care of things. 'Oh, you forgot during the summer?' Well it happens to everybody."

There is no limit on the amount of cans you can bring in, meaning any amount of fine can be paid off. Fees related to lost, damaged or inter-library loan materials are not eligible. You have until Sept. 29th to bring in cans and save money on paying off your library fines.

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