Kearney Police: Safety is top concern for mother of twins

    (NTV News)

    As investigators with the Kearney Police Department continue to work to check on the well-being of a mother who left her twin sons at a hospital, police want the public to know that her safety is their top priority.

    The following statement was released by Kearney Police Chief Bryan Waugh:

    We understand and appreciate the public reaction to this case involving two innocent infant boys, who are safe in the custody of DHHS. We are also concerned for the well-being and safety of their mother. Our goal, with the outreach to the community, is not one to condemn or discourage the decision of the mother, but rather to ensure this mother is safe based on the circumstances presented. This is not a criminal investigation.

    KPD said they're working with partners at CHI Good Samaritan and the Department of Health and Human Services to locate the mother, who left the hospital on Monday after giving birth to twins.

    They said they're also working closely with the Buffalo County Attorney’s Office on the case. Once located, the identity of the mother will not be released by the Kearney Police Department.

    Buffalo County Attorney Shawn Eatherton said that while this may end up as a Safe Haven case, it isn't technically labeled as such right now. It is currently a "check welfare" situation, and they say they don't have enough information to confirm that she really meant to leave them there permanently.

    KPD is asking for the public's continued support and patience as we investigate this case is greatly appreciated. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the Kearney Police Department at 308-237-2104.

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