Kearney Public Schools investigating message about bomb


    Authorities with Kearney Public Schools are investigating after receiving a message about a bomb, even though they say the threat was not credible.

    Staff at Horizon Middle School said they found the message on Thursday morning on a student's desk.

    They said they notified the Kearney Police Department, who did a sweep of the school and the property. No device was found, and police quickly determined that the threat was not legitimate.

    The City of Kearney reported that officers also interviewed witnesses and potential suspects, and obtained a search warrant of a juvenile suspect’s residence.

    “Kearney Public Schools, in cooperation with Kearney law enforcement, has very specific procedures in place for these circumstances,” said Dr. Kent Edwards, Superintendent of Schools. “The Horizon principals should be commended for their quick response.”

    KPS said they are conducting an investigation to look into the incident further.

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