Kearney Raceway kicks off the 2018 season

Kearney Raceway kicks off the 2018 season (NTV News)

Race fans made their way out to the Kearney track on Saturday for the first race of the season.

Ford trucks, Chevy Camaros, drag cars and just about everything in between- all were welcomed with the heat of the afternoon and that green light to go.

Racers said being a part of the track is like being apart of a family.

Racers from age 5 to 75 years old are doing what they love and having fun above all.

Mark Beatty, with the Kearney Raceway, told NTV News what is greater than competition is camaraderie.

"You know when those guys are sitting in their cars at the starting line, man they don't like the guy next to them at all. The second they cross the finish line down there, everybody's back to being great friends,” said Beatty.

Justin Hamel raced motocross before an accident prevented the use of his legs.

Since 2014, he has switched to racing drag cars and said there is not many similarities between the two, but that the race community is always there for each other.

"It's really nice cause it's just like a giant race family, everybody you know, knows everybody. I mean if somebody breaks something, you know, people would literally take parts off their car to get somebody else running so it's a really good community,” said Hamel.

The track had a semi–truck race a few weeks ago, but this is the first car race since the track came under new management and they said they are excited for the rest of the season.

"We're bringing a nitro methane burning funny car as an exhibition here at the track and it'll shoot the flames out the exhaust and so nitro in Nebraska is something that's really cool. We're just excited cause the new management is behind it and pushing for it and it's going to be fun,” said Beatty.

To find upcoming races and just when that nitro funny car will be brought to town, you can check out the Kearney Raceway schedule.

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