Kearney Rotary gives to Veterans Memorial project

Kearney Rotary gives to the Veterans Memorial project (NTV News)

On Monday, Kearney’s Dawn and Noon Rotary donated $50,000 to the Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial.

Those proceeds were made possible after the success of Kearney’s Dancing With the Stars 2 event. After crunching numbers from October’s event, over $72,000 was raised and over half of that money was officially gifted to the Veterans Memorial project. The rotary clubs originally planned to donate around $25,000, however, the event surpassed expectations.

"I had a big speech planned, but I was pretty much speechless for a while. It's a great thing to know people in Kearney, Buffalo County and central Nebraska are willing to have fundraisers for this event, this project,” said Community Chairman Robert Harpst.

The memorial is meant to honor all men and women from each military branch and stand as a place for reflection for residents, travelers and students of all ages.

"The decision was made by the clubs to give a little more than we originally planned out of those proceeds, because we felt the cause was so valuable and it was so great to do a local project,” said Noon Rotary member Gary Anderson.

They will use another $15,000 from the proceeds toward other rotary projects and the planning of Kearney’s Dancing With the Stars 3.

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