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UPDATE: KHS issues apology for behavior of student section at volleyball game

FILE - Kearney High School (Photo Credit: NTV News)
FILE - Kearney High School (Photo Credit: NTV News)
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Kearney High School (KHS) administrators have issued an apology for the behavior of the student section at Tuesday's varsity volleyball game against Lincoln High School.

Incidents were brought to NTV's attention stating the Kearney student section was inappropriate and said unkind words to the Lincoln High volleyball players and coach last night at Kearney High.

The claims stated the use of strong, degrading language toward the players during the match and even attempting to reach out and physically touch those who came close to the student section.

While NTV was not able to independently verify those accusations, Kearney High School has responded to them.

Read the full statement from KHS administrators below:

"Kearney High School administrators are apologizing for the behavior of the students in the KHS student section at the varsity volleyball game last night against Lincoln High School.

“We are aware of the allegations of irresponsible behavior from our students at the volleyball game last night and are investigating it to the fullest extent today,” said Ryan Hogue, KPS Activities Director/KHS Assistant Principal. “I was contacted by the Lincoln High coach at last night’s game who was upset with the behavior of our students. I told the coach that I would make sure this didn’t happen anymore and to continue coaching her team. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken different steps at that time to identify potential student misconduct. While it may be difficult to prove any misconduct occurred with our students today, we do apologize to the Lincoln High volleyball coaching staff and team for any potential misconduct that might have occurred. It is our expectation for Kearney High students and fans to set the standard for the enthusiastic support of their team with a respectful demeanor towards our opponents.”

“This type of behavior is not to be accepted at KHS,” said Jeff Ganz, KHS Principal. “Kearney High School is making proactive changes to our game management practices and procedures to ensure a positive game experience for all teams competing at KHS,” “There will be consequences for any students found to be guilty of any misconduct in this incident.”

Ganz stated that any type of reported disrespectful behavior and hateful language will not be tolerated at Kearney High School and encourages anyone to report inappropriate behavior to KHS staff so that it can be addressed immediately.

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“Kearney Public Schools has a positive, storied tradition of student support with our ‘Rowdies’ and we have received many compliments from visiting fans regarding their support of our teams through the years. I attended last night’s game but was at the other end of the floor with some elementary students. I did not hear the comments or see the actions being attributed to our students but acknowledge that our friends from Lincoln had a negative experience with our event. I apologize on behalf of Kearney Public Schools for anything that might have been said or for inappropriate conduct that may have occurred. That is not indicative of what Kearney Public Schools represents. Furthermore, I have the utmost confidence in Ryan Hogue and Jeff Ganz to develop game management plans and protocols that will ensure our students continue supporting our team in a respectful and honorable fashion” said Jason Mundorf, KPS Superintendent. “We sincerely apologize to the coaches, players, students, and fans of Lincoln High School for anything negative they may have experienced.”"

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