Kids serve up breakfast to fund 4-H shooting sports

(NTV News)

Kids in Kearney served up short stacks to raise money for 4-H on Saturday.

The Buffalo County Extension Office hosted the pancake feed, with the proceeds expected to fund 4-H shooting sports.

Organizers said kids do not pay money to participate and all shooting equipment is provided so that everyone can participate.

11-year-old Zander Sohl said he loves participating in 4-H activities and that he gets to do it with his brother.

"We get to shoot together," Zander said. "We get to compare our targets. Sometimes we get a little competitive, but it's always fun."

"4-H is a lot of fun and I hope a ton of other kids come so 4-H can go on and on," Conner Sohl said.

Billy rayborn/ buffalo county 4h

"Right now we have six parents who went through the program when they were kids, who are bringing their kids," said Billy Rayborn of Buffalo County 4-H. "So obviously we are having a positive effect, and that's the part that makes me happy."

Kids acted as the chefs and servers, and they say they are thankful for the community's support.

"It makes us feel great. It lets us know we have supporters that actually care for 4-H," said 11-year-old Gabriel Bennett.

If your child is interested in joining a 4-H shooting sport, you can contact your local extension office.

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