Kool-Aid days returns to downtown Hastings

    Kool-Aid days returns to downtown Hastings (NTV News)

    Returning after a three year stint at Central Community College the uniquely Hastings Kool–Aid Days is making its grand return to downtown Hastings.

    It was decided to move the event back into downtown after construction was scheduled this summer on Highway 6 outside of Central Community College.

    While it's not too far of a move, businesses in the downtown area are excited to have the popular event back in their neighborhood.

    "We are so excited to have it back downtown its just where it belongs. Everyone is behind it and everyone wants to say hi to Kool–Aid Man and have some of the history here downtown," said Tammy Orthmann the director of the Hastings Downtown Center Association.

    Part of the appeal of Kool–Aid Days has been its ability to draw in visitors from across the state and across the country bringing in new economic activity to the area.

    Visitors not only eat at local restaurants and stay at local hotels, but with Kool–Aid days being downtown will also be exposed to all of what downtown Hastings has to offer.

    It brings a lot of business to Hastings. The hotels see you know people travelling from all over. Its funny to see where people come from out of state, from Lincoln, Omaha, North Platte, Scottsbuff

    said Marissa Sitzmore, a member of the Kool-Aid Days board.

    Kool-Aid Days kicked off Friday with a day of Kool–Aid themed fun at Hastings Museum, as well as the Jammers boat races and Klub Kool-Aid events, plus an afternoon for seniors.

    A grand parade will start all of the fun Saturday in downtown Hastings at 9AM.

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