K.P.D. officials remind residents to always be alert for package thieves

    <p>K.P.D. officials remind residents to always be alert for package thieves. (NTV News){/p}

    Christmas season means more packages sitting on doorsteps or in vehicle, but local law enforcement officials say the theft of those packages is more common than you might think.

    Kearney Police Department's Facebook post last week reminded residents about several reports of packages being stolen and what to do to combat it, but officials tell NTV News, that compared to the six stolen off of porches in the past 30 days, the bigger problem is the theft from 37 reported vehicles in the same time frame. Most of those from unlocked cars.

    "I think it gets more publicity this time of year because it's the Christmas season and people are ordering packages and gifts to other people, family members," said Kearney Police Department Interim Captain Michael Young. "So it may be an item that doesn't, not intended for themselves so it gets more publicity this time of year, but it does occur year-round."

    Young said the theft is usually a crime of opportunity and reminds folks to be vigilant in their neighborhoods. He said you should not leave valuables in cars and always keep them locked.

    "If the risk is not great for them, if they don’t know what’s in that vehicle they’re not going to break in but if they see a purse for example or a firearm or something of value that they want that could create some opportunity for that thief." Young added.

    Interim Captain Young adds to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

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