Lawmaker introduces legislation affecting Kearney area

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    A Nebraska lawmaker introduced three new proposals that would directly affect his district in the Kearney area.

    Sen. John Lowe said LB484 and LB485 deal with the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Kearney.

    He said LB484 would make it a felony to assault a public safety officer and this would include employees of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services who work at YRTC in Geneva and Kearney.

    LB485 is a bill asking for $2 million to be appropriated from the General Fund for a fence around YRTC- Kearney.

    "Over the last several months we have held several public meetings about YRTC-Kearney," said Lowe. "It is clear that these two pieces of legislation were necessary and I am proud to introduce and fight for these policy changes."

    Another proposal, LB486, creates the Veteran and Active Duty Supportive Postsecondary Institution Act. Lowe said the bill is designed to create a state designation for college and university campuses around the state who meet five out of eight specific criteria in regards to services they provided for active duty military and veterans.

    "I believe this bill is a win, win, win scenario," said Lowe. "It will greatly benefit our active and retired members of the military, our colleges and universities, and in the long run the entire state."

    Lowe said LB486 was crafted with advice from the University system, Community College system, State College system, the Independent College system, and the Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs.

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