Lexington's Mac's Creek Winery and Vineyards celebrates 15 years

Lexington's Mac's Creek Winery and Vineyards celebrates 15 years. (NTV News)

Central Nebraska's oldest winery is celebrating its 15th year, and on Saturday they're hosting a party with food, fireworks, a band, and yes - wine.

Mac's Creek Winery in Lexington is gearing up for Saturday night's celebration.

Co–owner Barry McFarland said his parents started the family–run winery which opened its doors for the first time 15 years ago today - it's now the second-oldest winery in Nebraska.

McFarland added that while family is key to the business's success, Saturday night's party is about something more.

"It's our 15th anniversary but the biggest reason we do this is because we want to celebrate and thank all of our customers that have been here for 15 years when we said we're opening up a winery in Lexington, and everyone looked at us and said you're nuts, you're crazy and they stuck with us and they have been with us the whole time," said McFarland.

Saturday night's event runs from 6-9 p.m. at the Lexington location so there's still time to head on over. The event is free to the public and will include appetizers, birthday cake, tours of the facility and fireworks over the vineyard.

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