Lincoln Police Department employee resigns over social media post

    (Photo:Sammy Zimmermanns / MGN)

    An employee with the Lincoln Police Department has resigned after the department was alerted to a social media post that violated their rules.

    Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said the social media post was brought to their attention on May 4. The post was only viewable to friends and was made while the employee was off-duty, but the publicly viewable portion of the account identified the account owner as a member of the police department.

    Bliemeister said the post contained opinions and captions that were in violation of our General Orders governing social media that states “Individuals who identify themselves as an employee of the department shall not publish any communication which would under any circumstance undermine or tarnish the department. No personnel shall relate themselves with other information, opinions, or positions that would bring adverse criticism or embarrassment upon the department.” He also said the communication was derogatory and in contrast to the mission and values of our agency.

    The employee was immediately placed on a modified assignment as the internal investigation continued.

    An internal administrative hearing was scheduled and the employee submitted their resignation prior to the hearing being held.

    The Lincoln Police Department reported the incident to the Nebraska Crime Commission for investigation into the former officer’s certification and to our prosecutorial partners.

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