Liquidation of Herberger's, Younkers moves closer to reality

Liquidation of Herbergers, Younkers getting closer to reality (NTV News)

The future of both Herbergers and Younkers is down to the wire.

With the bankruptcy announcement of Herberger's and Younkers parent company Bon-Ton, the possibility has heightened where these stores could soon close across central Nebraska. This closure could leave many cities across the state of Nebraska without a department store.

"We don't have anything other than Shopko so this is the main place I come to shop," said Ansley resident Kayla Houser.

"I would be disappointed that we'd lost another retail giant," said Kearney resident Joe Zezulak.

"It would be a big impact of the shopping community of women and the professional women especially," said Scottsbluff resident Tammy Tillman.

A Monday night bankruptcy auction will tell the future of the stores. Bon-Ton leaders hope the auction will find a bidder that would keep these stores in business.

"These are probably your two biggest retailers as far as clothing is concerned. If we lost a place like this, all it would do is just continue the trend of people going east to Lincoln and Omaha to go and purchase their goods," Zezulak said.

"It would be nice if somebody bought it and kept it going," Tillman said.

But according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, other offers prior to the auction were bids to buy and liquidate the company.

"I really hope this doesn't leave Kearney because Kearney needs it," Zezulak said.

"I don't know where I would end up getting clothes," Houser said.

One Kearney resident said the closure wouldn't leave him many options.

"I would probably shop online. I work a lot so I don't get a chance to get out much. This is one of the reasons people come to Kearney to go shopping, and if we keep losing big stores like this that have been a member of our community for a long time, it's really going to hurt Kearney's economy," Zezulak said.

A U.S. bankruptcy court judge will review the results of the auction.

If the stores are liquidated, over 20,000 employees would be put out of jobs nationwide.

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