Local print shop works for months to prepare and produce NTV First Alert Weather Calendar

NTV First Alert Weather Calendar (KHGI)

As the New Year nears, so does the need for a new calendar, like the NTV First Alert Weather Calendar.

It takes the staff form NTV News and LIPS Printing about three months to prepare and produce 25,000 calendars.

"It is, it's the largest job that we do every year," said LIPS Printing general manager, Ben Nonhof.

This coming year will be the eleventh edition of the NTV First Alert Weather Calendar

"Weather in central Nebraska is so important and we were looking for a way to include our viewers and we had just started getting a ton of beautiful photos of Nebraska from viewers through email and how can we showcase these? And so we came up with the idea for the weather calendar," said NTV's promotion manager, Anita Wragge.

LIPS Printing has produced the calendar every year, and they said it takes their entire staff to make this project possible.

"It's a lot of fun but it's a lot of work too," said Nonhof. "I mean there's a lot that goes into it from, for the entire shop. It's not just a lot for one area and then another area, it takes the entire team here to put, put the entire thing together from beginning to end."

These calendars would not be as visually stunning without the viewers' pictures.

"We actually had a really hard time picking out all of our photos this year, we had so many good ones," said Wragge.

More than 600 photos were submitted to NTV.

"So one of the hardest things about going through all of the photos is finding the best photos for each season," said Wragge. "Some years we'll get a ton for winter and some years we'll get a ton for spring or fall just kind of depending on what happens that year. We always love anything that shows off a Nebraska landscape.

Many people say they look forward to seeing the calendar each year.

"To see something like the NTV Weather Calendar, that 25,000 distributed across the state, you know, you see them all over the place and that's great to be able to say we did that, you know," said Nonhof. "That's a source of pride for us because we know it's a big project for NTV but it's a big project for us, and were very proud to produce that."

While NTV does not have an exact distribution date set just yet, be sure to keep an eye on the NTV website.

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