Local restaurants gearing up for the total solar eclipse

Restaurants in Kearney are gearing up for the big day. (NTV News)

If you're hitting the road for the eclipse, and craving food, you may want to take into consideration that area restaurants will be busy that weekend.

It’s definitely going to be a busy day for the eclipse and even the weekend before it.

NTV News spoke with local restaurant managers who say they’re used to the crowds, but the people coming for the eclipse, they say that’s going to be different.

Restaurants in Kearney are gearing up for the big day.

"I mean fighting the crowds, our restaurant is small so you know the wait and getting people seated and turning tables to get people fed,” The Flippin’ Sweet Pizza restaurant manager Jennifer Kriha said.

Kriha said the restaurant she works at has a plan.

"We have everybody on board. We can facilitate, be able to move people in and out. I’m excited for it,” said Kriha.

Angus Burger & Shakes, a local restaurant that is near hotels, has a different plan.

"And on Monday we will give our staff an opportunity to go out and take part in this momentous occasion,” Angus Burger & Shakes manager Josh Young said.

The local burger joint will be closed while the eclipse is happening, but their restaurant will be open the whole weekend before making sure they have extra staff on board.

"You know once the restaurant does get full having smaller sections to be able to turn tables with guests more quickly, which helps the restaurant have a good flow throughout the evening and give higher quality experience to our patrons,” said Young.

Both restaurants are excited for people from several states coming in, just getting to know them.

They will have meetings with their staff leading up to the eclipse just to plan everything.

If you're looking for a restaurant to eat at, make sure to look on their websites to see if there are any specials going on or if they are even open for business that day.

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