Volunteers make care packages to keep companion animals in their homes

Avery Hawke creating a chew toy with her grandma at the Voice for Companion Animals shelter in GI (NTV).

The holidays are a time for giving and one local organization is giving Christmas presents to pets in need.

Voice for Companion Animals volunteers in Grand Island got together this morning to make toys for pets in their 'Ani–meals' program.

Their mission is to provide food and sometimes even shelter for pets whose owners are veterans, elderly, or just in a bind.

At this year's Holiday Open House and Toy Workshop, volunteers created up to 60 goodie bags with beds, blankets and treats inside.

"Voice for Companion Animals is 100 percent non–profit volunteer driven. We have no contracts or anything like that. Everything is a donation or a grant. So, everything you see, has either been donated or we received donated funds to provide all the food and the toys and the treats," Robyn Mays, President of Voice for Companion Animals said.

The program provides food for pets as well. Mays said their ultimate goal is to keep pets in homes with their owners.

"We've seen so many people have to surrender animals or get rid of their companion animals and we know personally how much that can affect your lifestyle. Companion animals are so important as far as being an emotional support or just having a friend,” Emily Paczosa, Voice for Companions board member said.

"Because they're special, too. Not just humans are special, but dogs and cats," Avery Hawk, who came with her mom and grandma, said.

Mays said Voice for Companion Animals is always open to receiving any donations.

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