Man accused of pulling emergency brake on Amtrak train goes to trial

(NTV News)

A man accused of pulling an emergency brake on an Amtrak train in Oxford while armed has been found competent to stand trial.

Taylor Wilson, 25, is charged with use of a weapon to commit a felony and criminal mischief.

Wilson waived his right to a preliminary hearing, so his case is headed to district court.

Wilson asked that his bond be reviewed, but a judge said he'd have to take it up with the district judge.

Police said Wilson was carrying a loaded revolver in his waistband and a speed loader in his pocket.

The Amtrak train was preparing to make a stop in Holdrege when police say Wilson got into the second locomotive and pulled the brakes in Furnas County.

Besides a Smith and Wesson revolver, police say Wilson also had a box of ammo, a knife, tin snips, scissors and a ventilation mask. There were also three more speed loaders in his bags, according to police.

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