Man sentenced for pointing loaded gun at people in Hastings

    Paul Frazier

    A man who pointed a gun at customers at the Russ's Market parking lot in Hastings has been sentenced to prison.

    According to public court documents and notes, Paul Frazier, 20, was given 2-3 years in prison for one count of terroristic threats and 5-8 years in prison for possession of a stolen firearm.

    Frazier was also sentenced to serve 3-6 year in prison for one count of distribution of methamphetamine.

    Three other charges in the terroristic threats case including theft, possession of a controlled substance, and obstructing a police officer and an unrelated theft case were dismissed.

    Hastings Police said they caught up with Frazier walking on Lincoln Avenue between 7th and 9th Streets on Nov. 2 after the incident.

    According to police, Frazier still had the gun in his coat, along with his hands, but when officers gave him commands, he took off running.

    Authorities said he was eventually tackled by an officer in the Walgreen's parking lot.

    Officials told NTV News that during a struggle for the weapon an officer broke his finger and they discovered the gun was loaded with a round in the chamber.

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