Man's trek for Tanzanian clean water project stalls in McCook

Man's trek for Tanzanian clean water project stalls in McCook. (NTV News)

Heat and humidity is stalling one man's cross country quest of 3,215 miles to raise money and awareness for clean water projects half a world away in Tanzania.

James Leitner's stop in McCook is the official halfway point of his trek - about the same amount a Tanzanian would travel for water in six months.

He says when he does walk, it's with two full 10 gallon jugs of water–nearly 80 pounds of extra weight, to symbolize the harsh conditions that women and children go through to get water.

"With this journey the simple message is really that few people in the U.S. - maybe not so much Nebraska - but where I'm from in New Jersey people really take water for granted because it's usually always readily available," said Mission Clean Water philanthropist James Leitner. "And we really don't realize how important it is until it's taken away from you and you realize how much of a valuable resource it actually is."

James says he'll likely continue his trek West on Highways 6 and 34 on Saturday. He's hoping to finish in late October and raise about $75,000, adding that when he's done he'd like to travel to Tanzania again and show donors where their money is going to through photos and videos.

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