Governor Ricketts celebrates Nebraska's second largest industry

Governor Pete Ricketts made a stop at Nova-Tech Tuesday as a part of manufacturing month. (NTV News)

To kick off manufacturing month, Governor Pete Ricketts is taking a statewide tour.

Governor Ricketts is celebrating the state's second largest industry by visiting manufacturing businesses around the state of Nebraska.

Tuesday morning, the Governor visited Nova-Tech, a company that focuses on animal health.

"We're really looking at a great example of manufacturing that is one of the great diversity of types of companies that we have in our state because they're producing sterile products. The feel of the manufacturing is almost like a hospital," Governor Ricketts said.

The Governor is exploring the manufacturers as well as many job opportunities that this industry provides.

"That's why we have our Developing Youth Talent Initiative Grant to really encourage private sector companies to work with school districts to create that curriculum in seventh and eighth grade so they can explore the skilled career field and look at jobs in manufacturing and technology and so forth," Governor Ricketts said.

Manufacturing, warehousing and administrative positions are some of the jobs that are offered.

"A manufacturer seems to always be able to provide an environment that has multiple opportunities," said President of Nova-Teach Teresa Grabowski.

Grabowski said a four-year college degree is no longer a requirement.

"There are plenty of opportunities for those students who are comfortable with a two year degree," Grabowski said.

"And so it's a great opportunity for young people not to incur all of that debt but to have a great career in manufacturing," Governor Ricketts said.

Governor Ricketts is hoping his tour will encourage Nebraskans to look into the opportunities that this industry holds.

"One of our goals is really to get kids to take a look at manufacturing. There's a lot of great career opportunities that are available. Manufacturers are always telling me that they're looking for people," Governor Ricketts said.

Nova-Tech was the Governor's first stop along his tour, but he will visit other manufacturing businesses throughout the state this week.

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