McCook adds road improvements to 1 and 6 year plan

McCook adds road improvements to 1 and 6 year plan (NTV News)

The city of McCook has added an unexpected road project to their one and six year plan. This project is estimated at nearly $1.3 million and will include patchwork in a few major areas.

Concrete from more than 20 years ago is deteriorating on key streets in town.

"We have some areas that need to be patched. We'd also like to reseal the joins and cracks in the pavement on a fairly regular basis, so that's something we'd like to accomplish with this project,” said District Engineer Kurt Vosburg.

McCook City Manager Nate Schneider said they have been thinking of splitting the cost of the project between two years to make a smaller impact on the annual budget.

"When we found out about this, we have three funds that we utilize: we have a sales tax fund, we have our state buy–back money, and then we also have the gas tax dollars,” Schneider said.

Schneider said they will be using those three revenue streams for the project.

The roads affected would be US 6 and 34 from the west edge of McCook to the east edge, and north of the Highway 6 and 83 intersection to north of McCook.

Vosburg said Highways 6 and 34 through McCook see nearly 16,000 vehicles per day.

"It’s a maintenance type project so we'll close off one or two lanes each day to do the patching and the sealing on, and then open that back up and move to the next section,” Vosburg said.

This plan now goes to the McCook City Council, and if agreed on, construction will begin in late Spring of 2019.

"Those are such important streets to us, you know, coming in and out of McCook and then also for your daily commute just for your job. It definitely is a high priority and so we need to make sure that we're adjusting accordingly for it,” Schneider said.

The Department of Transportation has other improvements to finish including bridge structures from Indianola to Cambridge.

"Work this year will involve rebuilding the four structures along there and some A.D.A. curb ramp work in Cambridge and then in 2019 we'll do the paving on that segment of roads,” Vosburg said.

Vosburg said he appreciates the public’s patience with projects currently underway and the future projects to come.

In nearly six weeks, the state will be doing that bridge work from Indianola to Cambridge and will finish with some asphalt resurfacing by Fall 2019.

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