McCook Fire Department responds to home fire Monday morning


The McCook Fire Department responded to a house fire Monday morning. The initial call was paged out at 9:34 a.m. for a house that had heavy smoke coming from the roof on East 11th Street. The fire department responded and was on scene in two minutes. When crews arrived, they found heavy smoke coming from the roof and eaves of the home.

According to the fire department, the home was unoccupied at the time. The property is owned by Juan and Jackie Rodriquez.

Firefighters located a fire in the attic directly above a wood burning stove. The fire was extinguished as the roof was being ventilated to allow the heavy smoke and heat to clear the attic space. Although very little damage was done to the main level of the structure, the roof and attic space did receive extensive damage.

Initial damage estimates are set at $25,000 to the structure and $1,000 to the contents.

Firefighters remained on the scene and removed most of the insulation from the attic space to ensure there were no hidden hot spots that could rekindle.

A total of fifteen firefighters responded and crews were on the scene for approximately four hours.

Fire Chief Marc Harpham stated that if the fire had not been found as soon as it was, the damage would have been much worse to the structure.

“Fortunately, we had observant citizen(s) that seen smoke coming from the house and called 911 right away, probably saving a lot of damage,” Harpham said.

Harpham also credits a quick response of personnel in keeping the fire from doing further damage.

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