Meet the Candidate: Dennis Macek for Senate

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Dennis Macek, of Lincoln, is running for Senator Deb Fischer's seat in the U.S. Senate.

Macek said he's a writer and retired air conditioning technician.

Why He's Running:

"We need to change how we're doing things," said Macek. "My motto is smarter spending, clean energy, new business, no excuses."

On Government Spending:

"You take the first 12 national priorities that we should have and we say the U.S. dollar, 20 nickels. OK, first priority, how many of those nickels should go to the list priority?"

On Tax Reform:

"There are a lot of loop holes, for one thing, that need to be closed."

On Gun Policy:

"The people want guns. They should have guns. Assault weapons, definitely not. Assault weapons fit right up there with bazookas, with having a howitzer on your front porch." Macek said he supports a ban of all automatic and semi-automatic rifles.

On Immigration:

"The DREAMers are part of our society. We have no business breaking up families."

On Trade:

"Subsidize, rather than tariff." Macek said he supports NAFTA, which could use some tweaking.

On North Korea and Russia:

Macek said the relationship between the U.S. and other countries is up to the president.

"His election was a sham. We should not have congratulated him," he said of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the Affordable Care Act:

"We should fix it, keep it and fix it."

On the #MeToo Movement:

"It's so easy for people of my age to fall back on what's been customary. OK, well, a workshop to heighten the sensitivity, say once a year, [is needed in the Senate]."

On Campaign Funding:

"I've lent my campaign $24,000 and I've been dipping into it shamelessly. I'm hoping for donations," said Macek, who says without them he won't be campaigning long.

Macek will face republicans Fischer, Jack Heidel, Jeffrey Stein and Todd Watson in the primary race.

Democrats running for the office include Chris Janicek, Larry Marvin, Jane Raybould and Frank Svoboda.

Two of these candidates will face libertarian Jim Schultz in the general election.

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