Kearney's Teammates mentoring program wrapping gifts through Christmas

Kearney's Teammates Mentoring Program wrapping gifts through Christmas. (NTV News)

If those packages you're sending still need gift wrapped, Kearney's Hilltop Mall has just the solution, and you'll be helping Kearney's Teammates Mentoring Program in the process.

They're up at the mall from now through Christmas Eve, wrapping not only presents bought throughout the mall, but any gifts boxed and brought in as well.

It's a fundraiser for the program, but more than that, Teammates officials say it's a way for kids to learn things like critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills: all from the simple task of wrapping a present.

"That is so important as these kids go forward in their lives is to leave those kinds of skills to be successful in college or their careers for something like that," said KPS Teammate Mentoring Program Coordinator Deb Eickhoff. "Those are the skills that employers are looking for and so that's what we're trying to build."

This is the fourth year of the gift-wrapping station at the Hilltop Mall.

It's open in the evenings during the week and all day on weekends.

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