Members of the community step into shoes of police officers

Members of the community step into shoes of police officers

On Monday, the Kearney Police Department (KPD) taught members of the community what officers go through on a daily basis.

It was the first night of KPD’s Citizen's Academy. It is a free eight week program where members of the community have the opportunity to step into the shoes of police officers.

Kearney police have hosted this program for 18 years now.

This year is no different than others as folks get to learn what goes into investigations, reporting accidents, traffic stops and the use of force.

"They get to see the other side of it here. They get to see the police officer side and the police officer's point of view on different cases and different things we do. Our nation as a whole right now is police officers are under a lot of scrutiny right now," said Sergeant Jason Koetters.

One man participating in this academy said now that he’s retied he’s excited to learn more about things he’s interested in in his free time.

"I think maybe the drive along-I think the drive along will be very interesting to see what the police officers experience in the patrol car as they drive along. I think that's going to be very interesting," said Lowell Rostvit.

For the first class, participants learned the basics and got a tour of the building.

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