Memorial for little Diana Molina shines light on Child Abuse Prevention Month

Memorial for Little Diana Molina shines light on Child Abuse Prevention Month (NTV News)

The tragic death of a young child 15 years ago stands as a reminder to speak up and end child abuse.

Little Diana Molina died at the hands of her abusive father back in 2003, and on Tuesday, folks in Grand Island joined together to remember her.

Diana Molina was not yet three years old when her father abused her to death.

Shirley Murphy, a chaplain for CHI St. Francis, was on call the night of the incident. Murphy said she has never been able to forget her.

"I just remember sitting there all night long, with her dad and her mother, while the medical team and the police and law enforcement were investigating her case and she was dead, terribly abused,” Murphy said.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Murphy said if you are a child suffering abuse of any kind, physical, emotional, sexual or neglect, to tell someone that you can trust.

"Maybe a grandparent or, you know, a relative, or friend or neighbor, priest or pastor or teacher,” Murphy said.

Misty Schaecher, with the Grand Island Crisis Center, said we can all be responsible if we see something we think might be abuse and do not say anything.

"People have to stand up and in Nebraska we're all mandatory reporters so that's anyone. That's not just doctors and nurses, that's everyone. So if you see child abuse you have to report it, it's mandatory,” Schaecher said.

This is the second year Shirley Murphy and others have come out to remember Diana, and they say it is something they plan on doing every year moving forward.

If you see or experience some sign of abuse, the Crisis Center urges you to call the child abuse hotline at 1-800-652-1999.

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